About Me

Oğuzhan Selçuk Bülbül

My Email: c@coderontheroad.com

Languages: Turkish, English, German, Korean, Bosnian

About 7 years ago my computer advanture started with a desktop computer. Before that i use the computers just for games in internet cafe. After i have a computer i say to myself ‘how this animations make’ and i found the flash program. I make a lot of little animations with stick mans. One of the actionscript teacher in Turkey give me the course dvd as a gift. And i learned my first programming language, Actionscript 3.

While i was making basic web sites, games or animations, i meet with HTML, CSS and PHP. By the way, a company which saw my works on the internet called me to their city for meeting, but thats another article subject. I stayed away from computer when i was studying in high school. However i tried to read and develop myself.

After sometime, i started to learn WordPress. When i stuck i mailed to a developer for help. He answer me, i can help to you but you have to pay for it. I didn’t have money for paying him because i was a high school student. I sent an email again and he reply with anger and humiliation.


It’s in Turkish language, but the important part is underlined sentences. It means: “You are wasting my time with shit. Go and find you another fun. Don’t send mail again. Don’t try to make any website or something like that. Do gym or something else.”

After high school i worked with couple of companies and lots of customers. I was making wordpress themes, psd to html…


I am working in The Mediatix as a head of development team. We are developing web and mobile applications. And also i am getting freelance jobs if project is worth to work on. So you can contact with me for your projects. I am studying english teacher training at university and i will graduate in this year, i hope. I am working with HTML/CSS/JS/PHP/PYTHON languages and WordPress/Laravel/Flask/Django/Angular/Phonegap.

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